Why We Should ( No, Must ) Be Nice To Each Other

Jul 14, 2012
I would like to take this opportunity to express a long standing principle of mine and hope that it gets an important message across to all the PDI’s and ADI’s out there.
Having frequented the ADI internet Fora ( plural for forum ) for many years, it both saddens and worries me that there continues to be an atmosphere of one-upmanship and an I’m better than the next instructor attitude pervading the threads.
For this profession to move forward, it has as much to do with instructors coming together as it does attempting to be the best in terms of keeping ahead via a USP, further training, constant self evaluation or other chosen method of progression.
Threads on Internet forums often begin with comments such as Lots of instructors won’t keep up with new methods such as coaching ( amongst others ), yet they have no idea that some have been using these methods for years. Seldom have I attended a local meeting whereby other instructors have not been mentioned in the derogatory sense.
The DSA are equally guilty of this and I don’t doubt that it is in trainers’ interests to put out such stories of general ADI incompetence so that the newcomer learns to believe that if they do what the trainer says, the roads will be paved with gold because nobody else is doing their job properly.
I do feel this has to change. A story that has remained in my mind since nigh on 20 years ago is one where a national newspaper quoted a lady who had written an article about driving instructors. She said “They are like washing machine repair men in that they will say Oh dear, I don’t know what your last instructors said but there’s a lot of work to be done here or You’ve had a right one teaching you here…”
Having been in the business for almost 20 years, so only a few left before I retire, the problem still goes on. I hope somebody will take up the gauntlet because I’m getting weary of not being heard.
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