Fruitful lives

Oct 1, 2012

A good friend of mine has just got married which meant me doing the support bit on the day including a few errands such as picking up the flowers etc. as well as helping to empty a bottle of Bucks Fizz that two other friends kindly produced a couple of hours before the start.
An intelligent lot they were at the “do” and the best speech of all had to be from the bride’s sister ( nice to have taken a modern approach with the speeches ).


Anyway, I was expecting a degree of animosity from a certain family member who has, for some years now, refused to communicate in any shape or form. Sure enough, I was not disappointed as I found myself not so much ignored by this character, asĀ  positively scowled to before having the pleasure of seeing his back turn toward me ( all on entering the church – but you’ll be pleased to hear that I learned the art of forgiveness some time ago, so it was of very small relevance ).


Until, the dinner, at any rate, when it occurred to me that I was pretty well out numbered by “supporters” when it came to whom was on whose side ( I haven’t even got to the wedding yet šŸ˜‰ but just for the record it was a wonderful day and everybody got along fine – well, but for at least two of us I guess ).


Having perhaps consumed rather a little too much of the Carva and glorious wine, I mentally went into bloggingĀ  mode and began to muse on the fruitfulness of marriage and life in general. Immediately, of course, I was inspiredĀ  to visualiseĀ  the fruits of the promised never ending joys of marriage with its pledge to faithfulness and otherĀ  wonders, but within minutes, my dreams turned to a rather scary picture of nothing less than tables surrounded by varying degrees of banana skins – the number being proportionate to the number of unfriendly people at each table.


This got me thinking about the troublesome experience that can be encountered on a driving test. Fortunately, I didn’t meet with the same metaphorical picture as said wedding, although I think you’ll agree, there are similarities between the drivingĀ  testĀ  and marriage. The immediate examples that come to mind : I chose the wrong day ( person ); We didn’t get off to a good start; Things just went downhill from there and, dare I say it? – In the end we couldn’t agree!


Aside from the driving test and other such potential slippery little slopes, perhaps the bestĀ  fruit comes later when the pupil goes on to beĀ  a safe driver regardless of the surrounding events of the day and manages to rise above even that supposed hallowed institution which seems to breed so many failuresĀ  in this day and age – marriage.


Some food for thought perhaps?

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