From The North…

17 May 2013

This is Granada…those of you who can still hear the finish to that line in your head could well be cursing me for reminding you of it ( because I can’t get it out of my own head either ). What brought it to mind in the first place is the result of a little conflab I have just had with somebody on  Facebook concerning the BBC’s move up to my wonderful neighbouring city of Salford. Aside from the odd quip about Yorkshire, as opposed to  those of us that live the right side of the Pennines (  I won’t mention cricket ), the thread did seem to be beyond the usual healthy banter that can ensue when speaking of our home towns.  Although, I do discount football from this discussion because I am also old enough to know the beautiful game is more important than life and death! continue reading »

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Driving Test Videos

5 May 2013

Follow this link for videos about the driving test

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Contact Details

5 May 2013


You can contact me  in the following ways:

Tel: 0161 442 0656.




Text & WhatsApp: 07989 178345

Click here for more info’ on lessons

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