I recently went to a talk about helping the self employed save money regarding tax issues. Not being a tax expert myself, I thought I’d bob along because the talk had been personally recommended, although I was ( and still am ) happy with my own accountants so shall be staying with them.


Even so, I thought I’d share the information gained and what I have learned since because it has such relevance to a group of people close to my heart and that is, as you can imagine, driving instructors – although it seems many others will be affected, too. continue reading »

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When I first went about setting up a small working group, I did so with the view to, not only  helping people ( particularly the self employed ) in that they may have somewhere to go for support as well as being able to educate each other in a way that was advantageous to all, but also with the assumption that mixing in the Christianity element would create a common ground and help create a focus further beyond ourselves.


I now believe that two crucial errors were made when we formed the group: continue reading »

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