Was business group failure or potential success?

Jul 2, 2013

When I first went about setting up a small working group, I did so with the view to, not only  helping people ( particularly the self employed ) in that they may have somewhere to go for support as well as being able to educate each other in a way that was advantageous to all, but also with the assumption that mixing in the Christianity element would create a common ground and help create a focus further beyond ourselves.


I now believe that two crucial errors were made when we formed the group:

1. Keeping it within a Christian context ( more of that later )
2. Assuming the old method of appointing a chairman – though It has to be said, I think that was the right road to go down in the initial stages. Like all thing in life, however, groups ( that is, people ) evolve and it then becomes necessary to re evaluate the whole process.


I intend to discuss both these elements in this post but, first of all, allow me clear up the reason for my writing in the first place. Personal battles, which I shall not enter into here have led to the resignation of one long standing member which has led me to rethink how a group could be formed in the future avoiding these problems rearing their ugly heads again. My position, for now, is that am going to take a step back and allow myself to be guided, perhaps towards starting again with a new ethos – indeed, as I write a new name for a group is already forming in my mind…


For now, however, I would like to consider point one above.
In considering the aforementioned group, I initially thought that it would be simple enough for people to fall in and cooperate amongst a group of Christians. My own observations of how things are done already should have warned me that this is not necessarily the case. After all, there are already similar groups operating that are not open to all – understandably, perhaps, but does that not make the ‘Christian’ within the name of the group a fallacy? It begs the question whether such a proclamation is, indeed, workable.


This sort of bring me to point number 2:


There is also the little problem of the self employed being, shall we say, a rather wacky lot?
This, again, make it almost impossible to work alongside a traditional management style of command and control. Such people, who actually generate their income from their creative sides, can find such meetings ‘cramp their style’ and so they can feel alienated when they are just being their usual creative selves in, what is often, an attempt to involve others in their thinking.

My conclusion for point number two is, that any future group would have to incorporate a shared role of management, ie., taking it in turns to chair the meetings.


As far as point one, where the religious aspect is concerned, I would suggest that as we now live in a multi racial and cultural society, expansion to include other faiths would be beneficial. After all, my own business which has survived ( touch wood – for over 20 years )  has been built on such a basis. I often remember how many of my pupils from different faiths have said, ‘ Hilary, we like the fact that  you have a religion, even if it isn’t the same as ours’.
Can we really be running our own businesses without consideration and acceptance of so many other people in our own community?


I don’t believe we can.


Perhaps somebody up there has a greater vision for a business group that we haven’t yet been able to comprehend. I still believe it is a good idea and I have posted this thread on my ‘blog to get some feedback. After all, I know that most of the people reading it will either be in the throes of, or will have been, running their own businesses, so will, perhaps, have a lot more to say than a small parochial group that perhaps we became.



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