What Is Facebook All About?

Mar 20, 2014

My claim to fame this last month is to have been blocked/deleted whatever from 2 people’s FB sites. Hardly a big deal because, as we know, FB friends do not necessarily equate to real friends ( although they could well do ).

On the first occasion, I was merely providing a few facts to some very incorrect reporting by the Press in connection with one of the numerous awards given out within the driving instruction industry by various organisations. The result of my honesty was to see my posting removed. There was also much castigating of those who seemed to want to know the truth of the matter. I know we all want some good publicity but you cannot push articles that say things about your wonderful self if they are not true – particularly if it is shows others in a lesser light.


The second occasion was concerning the unfortunate events concerning L’Wren Scott. The reported suicide  of this poor woman resulted in The Rolling Stones cancelling their concert. As the lady was the partner/friend of Mick Jagger,  many people seemed to show sympathy for their decision to cancel. Not all, however, according to some reports, and  I also attempted to add some balance to the comments made. My argument was that the concert is part of a business and you cannot just call it off. For e.g., many fans who are financially far worse of than the band will make sacrifices to ensure they get to the concert. Many will have to take days off from work – the self employed will, doubtless, have lost business that they cannot get back ( when the self employed go on holiday, they don’t get holiday pay…just sayin’ ) for what might have been a once in a lifetime event.


The ensuing discussion had me branded as heartless. In my defence, I did say that the concert could have been  held  in the memory of L’Wren. The  irony, now, that there are reports suggesting that her business was in trouble adds  me to believe that the poor woman would have been mortified to have added to anyone’s financial dilemmas.

Of late, I have also walked away from certain friendships in real life so perhaps a pattern is forming here. What I can say is that, many years ago, I was suffering from anxiety attacks which I eventually fathomed were caused by attempting to please all of those around me at the expense of my own feelings ( impossible, I now know ). I have no intention of going back there.


Where is this all going then?


Well, on commencing this post, like many others, I had no idea but, as one other instructor quoted on FB recently, he finds blogging very therapeutic. I think I have just learned, however, that this all begs the question of how we communicate. I used to think social networking was good for those who didn’t necessarily communicate well in the real world. If, however, it just comes down to deleting those of whose opinions  you disapprove, does that not make the communication pointless – rather like a story where we have written the ending to suit ourselves?


On the other hand, there are many people who still let you discuss on their walls, so long as you are polite ( quite right too ), so perhaps these systems/sites are just extensions of ourselves and are only as good as the people who use them. A bit like a car only being as safe as the driver who is ‘in control’ of it. And, yes, I know I’ve disabled comments on here, but that’s because many people were using me as a way to advertise their own unrelated sites when making comments and you may accost me on FB if you wish to disagree, agree or whatever!


Right, now I’ve sorted that out,  anyone up  for a fight? 😉



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