I Was Lost in Rome

Nov 24, 2014


I’ve just been lost in Rome. With The Vatican, bus tour and a short guide on foot (from my nephew) all done, I had to make my way over to where he was staying with Rachel. Only 1k, but having become  slightly worn by the wonderful food, wine and beers etc., my sense of direction was a little out.


A passing “man of the cloth” saw my distress but couldn’t help with the directions.  He did, however,  offer me the use of his mobile ( mine was refusing to make outgoing calls in Rome, for some reason).


Sadly, he seemed to have run out of credit but quite miraculously  produced another phone. Unfortunately,  we couldn’t seem to make contact through that one, either. Obviously, his faith endured, because he managed to stop a lady who managed to explain the way.

I arrived and set a time for food, not before we all had another unsuccessful attempt at sorting out said phone. The biggest mistake of all was for them to lend me another one for the next couple of hours ( note…that was all – just for emergencies ).

In true Rome spirit, though, there had to be another disaster for me and phones, because Yours Truly tripped and fell on the way out of the apartment resulting in a twisted ankle and slightly damaged mobile. Talk about out staying your welcome!
To add insult to injury, in more ways than one, I remembered too late that I’d downloaded an app with a map of Rome, so could have used that get me around.

Ah well, it was still a lovely visit and I was very lucky to have 2 people who helped me get the best from it. So, thanks to Ben and Rachel for the hospitality and such a  fun trip.

Now, must go and get that that phone sorted…

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