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Feb 9, 2016

I’m on yet another Business Course run by The Business Growth Hub in Manchester. We’ve studied various social platforms and I’m now committed to using what I feel has been the most useful part of the course.


That is the ‘Social Media plan’ whereby you choose your platforms, Answer questions to find your strategy, Goal Setting and Calendar all built into a spreadsheet that produces its own Analytics page – so no getting out of the action!


I’ve told people galore about these courses but no one seems to want to come along 😉 : Must be something I said, so I’m writing this ‘blog about it instead.


The only problem is there are so many of these learning sessions and, with the amount of food and snacks that are included, I’m slowly becoming a ‘Learnaholic’ and…..


very fat.


Hmmm., I think the training is working already. I’m thinking here about telling The Business Growth Hub that they need someone to run a ‘Keep Slim At Your Computer Session’.


I’d better get on social networking and make it happen.





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