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Nov 25, 2017

I’ve just got in from a new creative writing course morning at Stockport library and we’re hoping that it will become a regular thing, though it will more than likely be at another venue. I like writing for fun, and I’m sure others do, so I’ve decided to share what we did. I try not to take myself too seriously so feel free to have a laugh at my expense from my efforts this morning:I did, of course, manage to get to one of the new new eateries on S.Petersgate with one of the group, afterwards. Shame I can’t remember the name of it because they do a great Cappuccino as well as a selection of local pies, which I shall return to try (perhaps I should become a writer for Stockport and surrounding areas).

We agreed on a few exercises, fortunately omitting the usual nonsense of everyone getting to know each other and what we all do first.

This session was about ‘Beginnings and opening lines’.

The first exercise comprised of us having to choose a number from one of four lists that contained ‘Who, where, what, when’? I went for number 8 of ‘where’ and was given the subject ‘A Schoolroom’. Having only ten minutes, I came up with the following:

Fear grips me as I sit within the small room looking at my watch. The stillness of the morning adding to the memory of the previous year here. I watch as the hand turns 9.15, from the little walls, up to the grave stones brooding down over the Welsh valley.

The second exercise – again 10 minutes was one in which I was given 3 conditions:

‘Lost, In bed, wearing a football shirt’. It seems the more bizarre the easier this all is because I cam up with the following a matter of seconds than minutes:


A memory creeps eerily to mind as I lie here in a strange bed-lost-desperately trying to remember…anything at all. It’s just one memory from long ago in school where I had to write and essay ‘The day I turned into a giant ant’. I got nine and a half out of ten for it, but it I also frightened the life out of myself in the writing.

Wouldn’t it be strange if…

Well, I think it’s time to take face my fear and see….

Beneath the covers, I peer and…

No, this can’t be happening-


I’m wearing a Man Utd football shirt!


I realised I’d suddenly gone a tad frivolous as others were taking it all rather more seriously, though I always find it difficult to write anything that doesn’t have a bit of surprise at the end – too many girls’ magazines a teenager, no doubt. So, on a serious note, the final exercise was a Flash fiction in 20 words:

He spoke another twenty words into the recording machine. I hope they’re remembered – the life support is switched off tomorrow.

Suddenly, everyone else was writing really depressing stuff – no idea why – perhaps we were all in need of a good coffee!

Looking forward to the next one when the final arrangements are sorted. May the madness within us continue on to the page 😉


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