Short Story on Kindle

4 March 2019

The first of many – call it my own little series, if you will. It took a couple of days for somebody to purchase the first one (from the US, no less). 

Available on Kindle for now:

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I’m not exactly naïve as to the finances of the church, and having being a regular attender ( though by no means of a high position ) I often find myself wanting to criticise the way the system within the C of E functions.

I must, on this occasion however, come to their defence. The church which I attend, and other local ones, all contribute when possible to the local drop in centre for the homeless ( The Wellspring in Stockport) along with other contributions these churches make on a regular basis to other charities.

The money is, of course, contributed by parishioners, many of whom are already giving time and money to the church and other charities. In contrast, we live in a ‘society’ whereby the richest may elude paying taxes and are worshipped for their ‘success’. We now talk of trillionaires as opposed to millionaires and, even, billionaires.

Yet, somehow, society’s problems always seems to come down the church being at fault.

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This is a summary of some research I did for The Four Heatons Traders Association concerning the volume of traffic coming down Didsbury Road in Stockpot and the results may be of interest to those of you who live in the vicinity.

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One beautiful Saturday morning – the 8th of April in 2017 –  the occasion of my nephew’s wedding to Rachel in South Wales, I was conscious of a slight air of unexpected panic from the groom.

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Having had a traumatic last couple of weeks, thereabouts, with a scare on my eyesight, I thought it might be helpful to relate it here, in case anyone suffers the same symptoms. continue reading »

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Social This & That

9 February 2016

I’m on yet another Business Course run by The Business Growth Hub in Manchester. We’ve studied various social platforms and I’m now committed to using what I feel has been the most useful part of the course.


That is the ‘Social Media plan’ whereby you choose your platforms, Answer questions to find your strategy, Goal Setting and Calendar all built into a spreadsheet that produces its own Analytics page – so no getting out of the action!


I’ve told people galore about these courses but no one seems to want to come along 😉 : Must be something I said, so I’m writing this ‘blog about it instead.


The only problem is there are so many of these learning sessions and, with the amount of food and snacks that are included, I’m slowly becoming a ‘Learnaholic’ and…..


very fat.


Hmmm., I think the training is working already. I’m thinking here about telling The Business Growth Hub that they need someone to run a ‘Keep Slim At Your Computer Session’.


I’d better get on social networking and make it happen.





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I was summoned by Radio Manchester over to the Birch Service Station on the M62 yesterday morning first thing.

So there we were to the roar of the passing traffic at the Radio Manchester’s travelling reporter’s van cracking through the interview.
I would have liked more time with the lady caller but it went well, all the same – imho 😉

I even had a call from Radio 5 live waiting for me to go on their show but getting to my Greek lesson after the above interview meant that I didn’t get home in time.

Fun day all in all… for a change. 🙂


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school of motoring

Having got through the plane journey from The Hughes School of Motoring although, not entirely without hitch as, when having seated myself, a tendency towards OCD made me check ( for about the 50th time ) that my passport was still in the new bumbag, specially bought for the trip to Rome. These genius inventions might be fine for walking around the city, but fumbling to find the right compartment whilst awaiting take off on a Ryan Air Flight is not something to be recommended if, like me, the leg room issue is already beginning to cause anxiety. continue reading »

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I Was Lost in Rome

24 November 2014


I’ve just been lost in Rome. With The Vatican, bus tour and a short guide on foot (from my nephew) all done, I had to make my way over to where he was staying with Rachel. Only 1k, but having become  slightly worn by the wonderful food, wine and beers etc., my sense of direction was a little out.


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Problem is you can run out of time with so many suggestions and ideas, but think I got the basic message across. Had great fun doing this with Kevin, the reporter. He had to shut me up at one point, of course, because I had far too much to say ( as usual ).


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