It can improve your perception of what is happening on the road.
Better perception increases awareness and improves your judgement of speeds, distances and timings.
Improved judgements reduce accident risk and so improve road safety.
Expert police drivers have been using the commentary drive for many years to improve and maintain anticipation and awareness. They use it for training and retraining so their driving skills remain finely tuned for the job they are required to do. continue reading »
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OK – so I’ve just copy & pasted my old ‘blog entries to this site ( why waste work you’ve already done when, after all, it acts to push you up the search engines? ) Some will love it and some will hate it – I’ll say no more, but to hope you enjoy the read 😉 Actually, I do have a telly now – thought I’d better mention that bearing in mind this first post…
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I would like to take this opportunity to express a long standing principle of mine and hope that it gets an important message across to all the PDI’s and ADI’s out there.
Having frequented the ADI internet Fora ( plural for forum ) for many years, it both saddens and worries me that there continues to be an atmosphere of one-upmanship and an I’m better than the next instructor attitude pervading the threads.
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That’s plural for forum if you didn’t know – must admit, I’ve only just found out myself. Anyway, I digress…
It’s been a while since I went on any of the driver training internet fora  because of the high handedness and bitterness against ADI’s. Yes, I guess I’m a bit of a socialist in some ways.
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My brand new site

5 July 2012
As the title suggests, I shall be spending the next few days – hopefully no more than – transferring all the other stuff over from my old one,  so please pray for me 😉
Thank you,
Hilary Hughes
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