Problem is you can run out of time with so many suggestions and ideas, but think I got the basic message across. Had great fun doing this with Kevin, the reporter. He had to shut me up at one point, of course, because I had far too much to say ( as usual ).


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My claim to fame this last month is to have been blocked/deleted whatever from 2 people’s FB sites. Hardly a big deal because, as we know, FB friends do not necessarily equate to real friends ( although they could well do ).

On the first occasion, I was merely providing a few facts to some very incorrect reporting by the Press in connection with one of the numerous awards given out within the driving instruction industry by various organisations. The result of my honesty was to see my posting removed. There was also much castigating of those who seemed to want to know the continue reading »

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I was enjoying a lie in the other day when the phone rang and I was asked if I’d like to answer questions on the potential changes to driver training and testing. As somebody who always wanted to be a news reader, I decided this would be the nearest I would get to it, so naturally agreed.

This is the link and it is valid for about a week. Oddly enough, about half an hour after the interview, I received a call from Canalside Radio in Bollington, Macclesfield in Cheshire to give an interview with them as well!


Hmm, you never know, I might just get that newsreader job, after all. I’m 2 hours 5 minutes in.


Ps…it’s my first time on the radio, so please be sympathetic¬† ūüėČ



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My Wonderful Job

9 August 2013

What a wonderful job I have. Just had one of my pupils that has struggled with learning for various reasons and he’s passed third time. The family are absolutely over the moon. I was almost in tears…he’s booked Pass Plus as well . Having said that, I told him to text his mum on the way home, but he said “No, let them sweat…” – don’t you just love ’em? ūüėČ

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I recently went to a talk about helping the self employed save money regarding tax issues. Not being a tax expert myself, I thought I’d bob along because the talk had been personally recommended, although I was ( and still am ) happy with my own accountants so shall be staying with them.


Even so, I thought I’d share the information gained and what I have learned since because it has such relevance to a group of people close to my heart and that is, as you can imagine, driving instructors – although it seems many others will be affected, too. continue reading »

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When I first went about setting up a small working group, I did so with the view to, not only  helping people ( particularly the self employed ) in that they may have somewhere to go for support as well as being able to educate each other in a way that was advantageous to all, but also with the assumption that mixing in the Christianity element would create a common ground and help create a focus further beyond ourselves.


I now believe that two crucial errors were made when we formed the group: continue reading »

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From The North…

17 May 2013

This is Granada‚Ķthose of you who can still hear the finish to that line in your head could well be cursing me for reminding you of it ( because I can’t get it out of my own head either ). What brought it to mind in the first place is the result of a little conflab I have just had with somebody on¬† Facebook concerning the BBC’s move up to my wonderful neighbouring city of Salford. Aside from the odd quip about Yorkshire, as opposed to¬† those of us that live the right side of the Pennines (¬† I won’t mention cricket ), the thread did seem to be beyond the usual healthy banter that can ensue when speaking of our home towns.¬† Although, I do discount football from this discussion because I am also old enough to know the beautiful game is more important than life and death! continue reading »

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Some years ago, at my local Church¬† Carol Service, I was fortunate enough to hear the following reading which is one person’s description of happenings over 50 years ago. I am far from ashamed to admit that no matter how often I resurrect the piece ( at Christmas ) it¬† still has me in tears by the penultimate paragraph. I have altered the original piece¬† because it is from a translation ( I think )¬† – although only in a small way because

1. I am not a translator, and

2. I did not see it as my place to alter such a powerful piece of writing.

I hope it adds to your Christmas wherever you may be.

continue reading »

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Fruitful lives

1 October 2012

A good friend of mine has just got married which meant me doing the support bit on the day including a few errands such as picking up the flowers etc. as well as helping to empty a bottle of Bucks Fizz that two other friends kindly produced a couple of hours before the start.
An intelligent lot they were at the “do” and the best speech of all had to be from the bride’s sister ( nice to have taken a modern approach with the speeches ).

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I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Stockport Quaker Meeting House recently by a neighbour. My first thought was that I would have to sit still for an hour and that just waiting to be led by The spirit would result in little more than an uncomfortable, fidgety session that would see my hyper active self longing for the finish. continue reading »

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