This is a summary of some research I did for The Four Heatons Traders Association concerning the volume of traffic coming down Didsbury Road in Stockpot and the results may be of interest to those of you who live in the vicinity.

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I was summoned by Radio Manchester over to the Birch Service Station on the M62 yesterday morning first thing.

So there we were to the roar of the passing traffic at the Radio Manchester’s travelling reporter’s van cracking through the interview.
I would have liked more time with the lady caller but it went well, all the same – imho 😉

I even had a call from Radio 5 live waiting for me to go on their show but getting to my Greek lesson after the above interview meant that I didn’t get home in time.

Fun day all in all… for a change. 🙂


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Problem is you can run out of time with so many suggestions and ideas, but think I got the basic message across. Had great fun doing this with Kevin, the reporter. He had to shut me up at one point, of course, because I had far too much to say ( as usual ).


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I was enjoying a lie in the other day when the phone rang and I was asked if I’d like to answer questions on the potential changes to driver training and testing. As somebody who always wanted to be a news reader, I decided this would be the nearest I would get to it, so naturally agreed.

This is the link and it is valid for about a week. Oddly enough, about half an hour after the interview, I received a call from Canalside Radio in Bollington, Macclesfield in Cheshire to give an interview with them as well!


Hmm, you never know, I might just get that newsreader job, after all. I’m 2 hours 5 minutes in.


Ps…it’s my first time on the radio, so please be sympathetic  😉



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I recently went to a talk about helping the self employed save money regarding tax issues. Not being a tax expert myself, I thought I’d bob along because the talk had been personally recommended, although I was ( and still am ) happy with my own accountants so shall be staying with them.


Even so, I thought I’d share the information gained and what I have learned since because it has such relevance to a group of people close to my heart and that is, as you can imagine, driving instructors – although it seems many others will be affected, too. continue reading »

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Following a meeting in Altrincham on the 25th June, I thought  the content might be of interest to other driving instructors reading this blog. I would like to point out that it was a particularly useful meeting and hosted by the DIA – the best bit was that the two course leaders stood up in turn at the front and educated us on numerous subjects including the dreaded Standards Check ( ex Check Test ).


Quite honestly, I get a bit sick of some of the group workshops events that continue reading »

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I would like to take this opportunity to express a long standing principle of mine and hope that it gets an important message across to all the PDI’s and ADI’s out there.
Having frequented the ADI internet Fora ( plural for forum ) for many years, it both saddens and worries me that there continues to be an atmosphere of one-upmanship and an I’m better than the next instructor attitude pervading the threads.
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That’s plural for forum if you didn’t know – must admit, I’ve only just found out myself. Anyway, I digress…
It’s been a while since I went on any of the driver training internet fora  because of the high handedness and bitterness against ADI’s. Yes, I guess I’m a bit of a socialist in some ways.
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